T-ara releases dance version of ‘Day by Day’

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After nine months, Kpop’s funky girl group T-ara has come back with their latest track Day By Day.  Earlier this week, T-are released an extensive post-apocalyptic styled music video for their new track that captivated Kpop fans everywhere. The music video is over fifteen minutes long and included the first part of what will be a two part music video, along with behind the scenes footage of the video’s filming.

Today, T-ara released their dance version of the new track. After a quick intro from the ladies, the dance video starts with a full shot of the group dressed to the nines and showing off their picturesque silhouettes. Well known for their on-point synchronization, T-ara doesn’t disappoint with a flawless performance. Check it out below:



Part two of T-ara’s Day By Day extended music video is set to be released next month. What did you think of the dance version of T-ara’s latest track?

Source and video: LoEnt

Photo Source: Nate

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