TAEMIN Signs Exclusive Contract With Big Planet Made Entertainment

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SHINee member and solo artist TAEMIN joins Big Planet Made Entertainment.

Big Planet Made Entertainment, a general entertainment company, confirms the news that TAEMIN joined the roster of its growing talents.

“We recently signed an exclusive contract with singer Taemin, who is SHINee’s main dancer and is showing unrivaled performance as a solo artist. We will fully support his wide range of music activities in the future, and we will continue to support him even more. We will do our best to help Taemin soar in many ways. We ask for your support and love for Taemin’s new start.”

In addition, following the Next Planet spoiler at midnight on the 1st, Taemin’s new artist logo and profile image were released at 8 am. The sensuous logo artwork and Taemin’s captivating visuals heighten expectations for his future activities at Big Planet Made Entertainment.

Taemin is the main dancer of the group SHINee and a solo performer representing all generations of K-POP. Since his debut at the age of 14 in 2008, he has been actively engaged in global activities as a SHINee member for 16 years, and has established a solid position as a solo artist since 2014 by steadily releasing colorful albums.

In particular, “Danger”, “Press Your Number”, “MOVE”, “Day and Night”, “WANT”, “Criminal”, “IDEA: 理想”, “Advice”, and “Guilty” which were released through domestic solo albums, trended online and favorable reviews from global music fans, demonstrating Taemin’s unrivaled ability and identity.

Taemin, who begins a new phase of his career with Big Planet Made Entertainment, plans to play the role of a trendsetter in K-POP with an upgraded appearance once again.

Attention is focused on Taemin’s various music activities that will create synergy with Big Planet Made Entertainment’s capabilities. Big Planet Made Entertainment plans to open Taemin’s official website at 3 p.m. on April 1.

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