Taemin Succesfully Tempts With Latest Album “Want”

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It was one inescapable coaxing — “Want” makes us desire more through Taemin’s lead.

Taemin released his second solo mini album Want on February 11 along with his single of the same name. “Want” is a continuation of his previous track “Move”, with performance more evident and intense.

Photo from SHINee Twitter

By concentrating on making “Taemin’s only” stage, the singer bestowed grandeur clothing of black and crimson. The prior released teaser images kept the fans guessing for a dark concept and the video is too farfetched for expectation.

Photo from SHINee Twitter

The longing for “Want”

“Want” is an up-tempo song abiding space disco music with rhythmic baseline and a kick sound. As has been noted, the title is uncommon among most of the K-Pop songs. Lyrics contributed by SM’s songwriter Kenzie, speak the density of desires in a silky tone. As our ears listen to the fusion created, the heated rhythm takes over our senses with its thorough awakening.

The Video as Bait

Darkness, shadows, smokiness, eclipse never looked this aesthetic and welcoming as Taemin became imminent with devil charms. The video begins with the artists distinguished aura with magnifying glasses emphasizing his presence with snakes.

Being a symbol of temptation, Taemin becomes superior to the snake as he wears them around. In addition the serpents crawl to him in unison to crown him as the king of seduction.

Alluring Aura

Teasing the viewers by mentioning the fruit of sweetness and self-control, he consciously imprisons viewers to his appeal. Dressed in black and white, Taemin proves to be both devil and angel disguised. Colors like blue and red also took over the shots representing calm and fierce at the same time.

The glittering gloves caught our attention during the powerful choreography reminiscing Michael Jackson, the icon of pop and role model of Taemin.

Reaching to the climactic note, the huge doors of temptation appears with shots of his irresistible drenched shots, giving a luring sensual feel.

Photo from SHINee Twitter

The Album

Arranged with six additional tracks, the album is a delight to every listeners. The track list involves “Artistic Groove”, “Shadow”, “monologue”, “Never Forever” and “truth”. It is a collection of R&B pop, R&B ballad, EDM ballad and more. Named as “Angel” or “Fairy” for almost 11 years, Taemin decides to break those limitations and call himself a “man of all charms” in 2019.

Taemin’s solo journey makes us see the difference in music and inner parts that he has not shown to others. The youngest member of SHINee reconstructs his image to explore his unique colour through elaborate performances.

Photo from SHINee Twitter

Taemin succeeds this time as “Want” is never going to stop us from yearning more from him.