6 Times Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Captivated Us With Her Live Performances

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Cap off the year with a night of serenades from Taeyeon!

Taeyeon has been charming the world since her debut with Girls’ Generation in 2007, and its easy to see why. Her captivating vocals make her stand out — whether she performs with Girls’ Generation, with a sub-unit, or on her own.

She wasn’t just born to perform on stage. She was born to make the stage hers and deliver unique performances every time.


Taeyeon has only been growing and shining throughout her career, and we can definitely see it in her live performances. And PH Sones are lucky to finally get to listen to one of South Korea’s most talented vocalist live on December 14 at the New Frontier Theater for her ‘s… Taeyeon Concert Tour.

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To help you prepare for her performances here in Manila, we’ve rounded up a list of Taeyeon’s performances that take her talent (and our love for her) to the next level.

#1: “Night” from Taeyeon Butterfly Kiss in Busan

Taeyeon definitely brought together passion and soul in this particular performance of “Night” back in 2016. Aside from her powerful vocals, you can’t help but keep your eyes on her as she delivers a dance that is just as passionate as her vocal prowess in this song.

#2: “UR” from Taeyeon Butterfly Kiss in Busan

Another stunning performance from her Butterfly Kiss concert series, Taeyeon showed the world that her vocal range isn’t something you should take lightly. This slow ballad definitely showcased the full range of this songstress’ vocal talent.

#3: “Karma Butterfly” from Girls’ Generation’s Japan 3rd Tour 2014

Only Taeyeon can pull of fierce dance moves while looking cool and collected on stage. Combine all those elements with her flawless vocals, this performance of hers, together with her members, was definitely one-to-remember.

#4: “Star Star Star” from an episode of Music Core in 2010

This performance will definitely pull on the heartstrings of some as Taeyeon’s soulful voice exudes the pure emotion that this song embodies. Although this particular performance does not feature any dance, her stage presence here was definitely something else!

#5: “Magic Castle” from Girls’ Generation’s Christmas Fairy Tale

Bringing in the Christmas spirit early, this performance of Magic Castle definitely brings out the ethereal quality of Taeyeon’s voice. Her magical voice complements her ethereal look in this performance.

#6: O Holy Night from Girls’ Generation’s Christmas Fairy Tale

To cap off this list of enchanting performances by Taeyeon, here is another performance to help you get into the Christmas spirit early. Her soulful voice gives this beautiful Christmas ballad justice.

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