Teo withdraws from Lunafly

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Nega Network has just announced Teo’s withdrawal from the popular trio band, Lunafly. Last November, his agency stated that Teo would not be promoting with the group for the time being due to personal reason.

On January 30, Nega Network posted an official statement on Lunafly official Daum cafe, releasing the sad confirmed news of Teo’s withdrawal.

Hello this is Nega Network. Many people have been curious of Teo’s situation, and we now announce that he will no longer be active as a member of Lunafly. Teo, Lunafly and the entire staff have discussed together and decided that it would be best for Teo and Lunafly’s future, and therefore made this difficult decision. From now on, he will live on as Shin Taeho, not as Teo of Lunafly. We wish him the best and send lots of support, and we bow down deeply to the fans who have shown unchanging love for Lunafly. Thank you.

Lunafly will continue as a two-member group with Sam and Yun, and scheduled to embark on their Latin America tour in April.

We hope the best for Taeho and Lunafly!


Translation by Rachel @hellokpop

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