The Boyz Are In Full Bloom As They Complete Group And Individual Comeback Concept Photos

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The Boyz spring up with ultimate flower boy visuals in their group and individual comeback concept photos for their nearing comeback!

The Boyz completely entice fans with their refreshing aura as they finish revealing group and individual concept photos for Bloom Bloom!

Photo from Cre.Ker Entertainment

Following the announcement of their comeback with a new single album on April 11, the group began to tease fans the day after with the first set of individual concept photos.

Bubbly main vocalist Kevin, adorable dimple-owner Q, and red-haired Jeju Boy Ju Haknyeon made everyone completely fall in love. They showed visuals which bloomed even more beautifully than the flowers in the background.

Photos from Cre.Ker Entertainment

Main rapper Sunwoo, main dancer Juyeon, and lead vocalist Hyunjae also keep their vibes in their concept photos in line with Bloom Bloom‘s lead track’s premise of displaying the natural sweetness and purity of the group.

Photos from Cre.Ker Entertainment

Afterward, leader Sangyeon, top fashionista Hwall, and the ever-handsome Younghoon followed with their bright individual concept photos on April 13.

Photos from Cre.Ker Entertainment

Moreover, the group’s maknae Eric, angelic Jacob, and selfie king New closed off the individual concept photos with a release on April 14.

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Photos from Cre.Ker Entertainment

Lastly, all twelve members of the group enticed their The Bs as they owned the colors blue and green with two group concept photos on April 15.

Bloom Bloom, including its lead track with the same title, is set to be released on April 29 at 6 PM.

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