THE BOYZ Breaks Personal First-Week Records With “Chase” By Selling 200,000 Album Copies

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THE BOYZ is definitely chasing for the best of the best with their latest comeback!

THE BOYZ has achieved an impressive success with their latest fifth mini album Chase, and further proved the group’s enormous growth.


Marking a new chapter in their career, the boy group took off with another unforgettable milestone with their latest EP.

According to Hanteo, THE BOYZ’s fifth mini-album, Chase, has recorded 212,600 copies sold for its first week. Previously, it has been reported that album pre-ordering reached approximately 250,000 copies even before its release.

Through this, the group has surpassed their own record since their debut in 2017. They have also demonstrated a growth rate of 338% over the initial sales of their previous first full length album REVEAL, which came out in February.

Proving their powerful influence, the album’s title track “The Stealer” ranked No. 1 in Bugs and Vibe, while it climbed at No. 3 in Genie and No. 5 in Melon. It also ascended the iTunes Top Album charts in nine foreign countries, including Brazil, Chile, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The remaining tracks of the album (“Shine Shine”, “Insanity”, “Whiplash”, “Make or Break”, and “Checkmate”) have also entered the major real-time music charts.

Within four days of its release, the official music video of “The Stealer” had accumulated 10 million views in YouTube. As of writing, it has already reached over 12.49 million views.

Meanwhile, THE BOYZ began a major comeback with their new song “The Stealer”, released on September 21.

Congratulations to THE BOYZ!

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Photo: Cre.ker Entertainment