The Rose Returns with Aesthetically Pleasing Music Video For “Baby”

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“Baby” is the title track of The Rose’s first mini album, Void. The track talks about the speaker’s frustration about his relationship going loose.

The Rose

Photo Credit: @Band_TheRose (Twitter)

On Monday, April 16, 12PM KST, The Rose returns with the music video for title track “Baby”. The aesthetically pleasing video was shot both in Hong Kong and Korea.

The track talks about one’s feeling towards a romantic relationship that has dissolved, but breaking up seems like a less viable option. “Baby” vents the speakers’ feeling of hollowness, frustration, and anger towards his situation, all in one track.

“Baby” is part of The Rose’s first mini album, Void. It consists of three new tracks (“Candy”, “Baby”, and “I.L.Y.”), two previously released track by The Rose, and three instrumentals (“Baby”, “Sorry”, and”I.L.Y.”). Each track in Void discusses romantic relationship from different angles.


The Rose is a South Korean rock group, debuted in 2017 under J&Star Company. The quartet comprises members Woosung, Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyeong. In 2017, the group released two singles, “Sorry” and “Like We Used To”. The boys have also garnered attention for adopting British pop influences, something anti-mainstream in the Korean music industry. Their rapidly growing international fandom led them to greet European fans through their first tour, titled Paint it Rose in Europe, early in 2018. They are currently preparing for the USA installment of the said tour.

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