Introducing “Candy” and “I.L.Y.”, Tracks by The Rose You Will Fall in Love With

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“Candy” and “I.L.Y.” are tracks from The Rose’s first mini album, Void, that unexpectedly deviates from their usual melodies, yet captures the richness of the group’s growing musical repertoire.

The Rose Candy ILY

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Previously, we asked The Rose if their future releases will include different themes, genres, and vibe compared to their 2017 releases. They said yes. And now they proved it through tracks “Candy” and “I.L.Y.”. The said tracks display more positive and affectionate side of a romantic relationship, different from other tracks in Void. Within those similarities, however, each track displays romantic love in different ways.

“Candy (So Good)”

“Candy” has an interesting and rather surprising combination of its lyrics and melody. The track lyrics explore sensuality under the twist of a somewhat innocent title, “Candy”. While R&B songs have been heavily associated with sensual lyrics, “Candy” is far from your typical sensual song. The melody of “Candy” is not one of those songs which one can immediately point out to be sensual without the need to understand its lyrics. And this combination somewhat makes “Candy” more attractive.


“I.L.Y.” is probably the most unexpected track from Void. When talking about The Rose, one will possibly think of fast-paced, unapologetic, and fierce rock tracks. The chances of thinking about a romantic ballad when it comes to The Rose is very low. But somehow, that is what “I.L.Y.” is. Different from a rather sensual “Candy”, “I.L.Y.” expresses the singer’s wish to have a serious relationship with one person. There is something so desperately subtle about the singer’s feelings. And this emotion is highlighted by the strong piano melody accompanying the song.

Stay tuned for more analysis of The Rose’s Void.

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