THE SEEYA rank high among various music charts

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The newly debuted group THE SEEYA, is starting to get active promoting their new song on various music programs.

THE SEEYA’s debut song Be With You (내 맘은 죽어가요), has put them in a war among idol groups as their song is getting popular with the public. Currently placed 7th on Melon, 6th on Soribada, and also on Naver and Daum music charts, they are continuously ranking with the top artists. They’ve even managed to place 1st place on Soribada on November 13.

To introduce the members again, Oh Yeonkyoung was part of Brown Eyed Soul‘s album for her skillful vocals, Song Minkyoung who was part of various musicals, Heo Youngju who is capable of both acting and singing, and powerful vocalist Sung Yoojin are the 4 members who create this new rising group THE SEEYA.

THE SEEYA will start with M.Net MCountdown on November 15, and head to KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core, SBS Popular Music to perform their debut song.

Check out the new Dance Version of their song Be With You that’s just been released:

[vsw id=”778DeIRW92M” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: news and photo-The Star, video-LOENENT

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