The Unit’s UNB Charms With A-Cut And Group Debut Photos

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The anticipation is rising as UNB unveils more teasers for its official debut!

South Korean boy group UNB heightens the excitement for its upcoming debut next month with new group and A-cut photos.

Members Jun, Euijin, Hojung, Kijung, Feeldog, Daewon, Marco, Chan, and Han Sol display endearing charms in various situations on camera. In the A-cut photos, the members show off another side of UNB, while highlighting each individuality.

On March 22, the boy group completed its B-cut photo teasers with the release of Feeldog and Han Sol’s shots. It also released the first teaser video of its track “Sensation,” which will be one of the title tracks that the group is expected to release.

The product of KBS’ Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit, UNB is gearing up for its official debut on April 7. The anticipation for its debut is high as it will mark a “reboot” of its members, who have already debuted prior to being part of UNB.


Aside from Han Sol, all members of the group had their taste of debut. Through The Unit, these idols were given the chance to showcase the talents that they might have not displayed before.

UNB is composed of the top nine finishers among male contestants of the competitive show. Its female counterpart, UNI.T, is also slated to debut next month.

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