Treasure 13 Makes Fans Anticipate What’s Next With Profile Images And Polaroid Cuts

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If you think it’s already over, you’re wrong. Treasure 13 has more in store for you.

Treasure Makers will have to allot more spaces on their phone memory as Treasure 13 continues to share more profile images and polaroid cuts of the members.

When fans thought the parade of photographs ended with the new profile photos of Kim Do Young and Yoshinori, YG Entertainment drops more sets of photos, giving everyone a peak to the endearing chemistry between the members.

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The entertainment company continued the second wave of new profile images on May 12, with a photograph of Haruto and Park Jeong Woo together. The photo shows the two boys beaming widely on the camera.

While Haruto and Park Jeong Woo looked adorably awkward in their group shot, Choi Hyun Suk and Bang Ye Dam radiated sweet bromance in theirs.

Treasure 13

On the next day, Yoshinori and Ha Yoon Bin teamed up to brighten everyone’s social media timeline with their smiles. Noticeably, YG Entertainment simply called Yoshinori as “Yoshi”. Fans began to conclude that the Treasure 13 member will use the stage Yoshi instead of Yoshinori.

Park Ji Hoon and Kim Do Young starred in the next profile images, looking chummy with each other. Meanwhile, Yoon Jae Hyuk, So Jung Hwan, and Kim Jun Kyu turned into a charming trio in their photograph.

Mashiho and Asahi featured in the next profile photo, complementing each other through their shy smiles.

Treasure 13 wrapped up the second wave of profile photo release, with a photo featuring all 13 members. It was uploaded on May 15 on YG Entertainment’s social media channels. The photograph serves as the boys’ first official group profile image.

In addition, the entertainment agency also released profile polaroid cuts of the members on May 15.

Treasure 13

Since then, YG Entertainment has yet to release a new update on Treasure 13. However, with the parade of updates in the past few days, many are speculating that the new boy group will debut soon.

Earlier this year, Yang Hyun Suk announced his intention to launch a new boy group between the months of May and July.

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