TVXQ’s Yunho Charges With Charisma In Teaser For “Follow”

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Four more days before Yunho debuts as a soloist!

TVXQ’s Yunho shines in silver in the newest set of teaser photos for his much-anticipated solo debut on June 12 with True Colors.

The singer explodes with charisma in the photographs for the mini album’s lead single titled “Follow”, which were unveiled to the public via social media channels at midnight of June 8.

In the first photo, he uses his strong gaze to captivate and draw attention to him. Meanwhile, the next images show him looking enigmatic with his shades on, adding to the curiosity of fans on his upcoming debut.

Additionally, Yunho also samples “Follow” through a highlight, earning approval from listeners who expressed their excitement to hear it fully as soon as possible.

The upcoming title track is described as a pop dance song. The silver color used as the song’s theme represents the dark and groovy mood created by metallic percussion and cold texture synthesizers — promising powerful charm and ultra-strong force.

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Aside from “Follow”, True Colors will include “Blue Jeans”, “Swing”, “Why”, “Change the World”, and “Hit Me Up”. Each song is represented by a color in the teaser images — blue for “Blue Jeans”, red for “Swing”, dark gray for “Why”, white for “Change the World”, orange for “Hit Me Up”, and finally, silver for “Follow”.

SM Entertainment unveiled a special video clip for “Hit Me Up”, Yunho’s collaboration with Giriboy on June 8.

Along with the mini album’s release, Yunho will also hold a debut showcase on June 12.

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More of Yunho’s Passionate Spirit On RGB

Meanwhile, the second episode of his exclusive vlog series titled RGB was revealed on June 8 at 12 p.m. KST on Naver. It will also be uploaded at 10 p.m. KST on SMTOWN’s YouTube channel. The third episode will then be released on June 11.

In addition, Yunho recently attracted attention for his close friendship with BoA, which they displayed in the recent episode of I Live Alone. The same-age friends enjoyed an adorable safari date and fun camping trip where they warmed hearts with their honest talk and cute interactions.