TWICE Hypes Fans With Enchanting “Feel Special” Teasers + Confirms Mina’s Participation In Their Nearing Comeback

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ONCEs, make your hearts ready for your favorite girl group’s nearing return with complete nine members!

South Korean girl group TWICE continues to hype up fans around the world by dropping several teasers for their upcoming Feel Special comeback.


Earlier this week, JYP Entertainment has kicked off the promotions for the girls’ highly-anticipated return by unveiling a charismatic Nayeon for its first video teaser.

Aside from surprising fans by baring its first captivating teaser, the agency likewise revealed that the group’s eight mini-album Feel Special will be officially released this coming September 23 at 6 PM K.S.T.

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Making fans more excited and curious, they went on to share more enthralling sneak peeks of the other members of the group.

Chic Jeongyeon

The group’s second teaser featured a black-haired Jeongyeon who is back with her signature short cut. Sporting red-laced top and dazzling heart earrings, she obviously wowed everyone with her overflowing chic vibes.

Bangs-less Momo

Astonishing everyone with her undeniably beautiful looks is Momo who donned a daring black dress. Stylishly pulling off the look with long shiny black hair, the TWICE member also mesmerized fans by showing her gorgeous forehead. Remarkably, her 20-second clip became a huge hit as it topped the worldwide trends and outshined a global technology brand’s comeback.

Doll-like Sana

Highlighting her signature doll-like features, Sana then charmed her way down to ONCE’s hearts with her stunning look in the short clip. Wearing a black leather jacket partnered with her long pinkish blonde hair, she effortlessly left fans in awe with her A-level visuals.

Alluring Jihyo

TWICE’s charismatic leader Jihyo has enchanted everyone with her alluring sophistication. Dressed in a simple black sleeveless top with fully-beaded pearls as her necklace, she enraptured fans with her subtle and spellbinding stare.

Elegant Mina

Mina is back and she is readily stealing everyone’s hearts with her brimming elegance. Featuring her goddess-like aura, she surely stunned fans with her fancy styling. Donning classy accessories and deity-like makeup, the TWICE member is surely drawing fans’ attention with her expressive eyes.

Meanwhile, ONCE should watch out as there will definitely more enchanting teasers coming their way.

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