TWICE Glamorously Returns With Sincere “Feel Special” Music Video

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TWICE is back and they are ready to bring ONCEs to a dazzling era!

After hyping up fans for several weeks now with enchanting teasers left and right, South Korean girl group TWICE has finally returned to make everyone Feel Special with their newest album.

In the evening of September 23, the K-Pop nonet has dropped their much-awaited eight mini-album Feel Special.

With their latest mini-album housing six new songs, ONCEs can now enjoy listening to the group’s new set of tracks including “Rainbow”, “Get Loud”, “Trick It”, “Love Foolish”, and the highly-anticipated title track “Feel Special”. In addition, the girls prepared something special for fans with “21:29”, a song that they personally wrote, and the Korean version of their Japanese track “Breakthrough”.

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Shining and Sincere MV

Alongside their worldwide album release, the idol group has unveiled the shining and sincere music video of their title track “Feel Special”.

Together with hit record-makers Ollipop and Hayley Aitken, TWICE’s newest main track is especially penned and composed by their very own CEO and legendary performer Park Jin Young.

Unlike their signature cute concept and their most recent charismatic style for “Fancy”, the girls tried something different this time by showing a more sincere side.

Narrating a story of courage, the lyrics of the song aims to give comfort to people who are feeling down and insignificant. In fact, JYP got the inspiration to write the lyrics through the girls’ stories in their idol careers.

Staying true to TWICE’s current theme, the song hopes to relay a meaningful message to fans with its comforting lyrics: “You make me feel special no matter how the world brings me down. Even when hurtful words stab me, I smile again because you’re there. Again I feel special. One moment I feel like I’m nothing at all, like no one would notice if I were gone. But then when I hear you calling me, I feel loved, I feel so special.”

Sporting their sophisticated outfits, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu all looked extra stunning as they showed off their beautiful synergy. The group even made the video more visually appealing thanks to their powerful and tantalizing choreography.

Meanwhile, the group sans Mina has recently held a showcase at Yes24 Live Hall. TWICE’s leader Jihyo confirmed that Mina will not be participating in their upcoming promotions by saying, “the nine of us won’t be able to promote together, but this is a story that nine of us are telling together.”

Moreover, as of the latest count, the “Feel Special” music video has already garnered more than four million views, four hours after its release.

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Photo credits: JYP Entertainment