TWICE Flaunts Adorable And Bolder Side In MVs For Japanese Singles “Happy Happy” And “Breakthrough”

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TWICE is back and their currently stealing hearts of fans worldwide with their brand-new Japanese tracks!

South Korean girl group TWICE has finally dropped the music videos for their highly-anticipated fourth and fifth Japanese singles “Happy Happy” And “Breakthrough” on June 11.

Photo From JYP Entertainment

The newly-released songs are actually mirroring each other — “Happy Happy” represents the sunny ambiance of summer while “Breakthrough” exudes a darker vibe.

Happy Happy

Showing off their signature cutesy concept, the girls simply looked stunning in the music video of their fourth Japanese single “Happy Happy”. Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu are all adorable while singing and dancing brightly in the video.

Similar to their past releases, the summer song is also a bouncy dance track with its addictive beats and ecstatic melodies. Making fans’ hearts flutter in the song, the idols repetitively say, “I wanna be with you.”


Unlike the previous track, “Breakthrough”, the fifth Japanese single of TWICE features a more daring concept. Proving their versatility as an idol group, the girls have once again taken the challenge to flaunt their bolder side.

Looking intense and fearless in the music video, the K-Pop nonet was undeniably charismatic with their powerful choreography. Additionally, the song is relatively similar to their latest Korean hit track “Fancy”.

Moreover, TWICE’s newest Japanese singles will be officially available in July. Just in time for their second debut anniversary in Japan, the girls will gift fans with the release of their fourth Japanese single HAPPY HAPPY on July 17. Exactly a week later, the idols are set to drop their fifth single BREAKTHROUGH on July 24.