TWICE Spreads Joy With A Cheerful “Fanfare”

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Shout “hurray” in your cheerful voices as TWICE promises to be always by your side in a colourful new music video!

TWICE has unveiled the latest track “Fanfare” from its eponymous latest Japanese EP. The group reveals a colour fest through the  “Fanfare” music video and embodies the terms vibrant and lively.

TWICE looks effortlessly charismatic in each and every still of the video. To say that the members leave fans speechless with their visuals will only be but an understatement.

The lyricism is hopeful and bright just like a ray of sunshine. Lines such as “It’s fine to cry too, don’t hold it in/After tears and rain you’ll definitely be able to see a rainbow/Burning with passion, your heart. If you believe it’ll come true, your wish/ Here we go, here we go, after throwing away your indecision, yes/“ are uplifting to say the least.

The pop melody is summery and upbeat, which is sure to lift up the listener’s mood. Besides, the overall style of the video such as colour splashes and butterflies only add to the beatific vibe of the track.

The music video is definitely the personification of the cheery lyrics as TWICE looks like absolutely adorable cheerleaders amidst a kaleidoscopic setting. 

Overall, the music video as well as the heart fluttering track is sure to give the listeners a warm feeling into hearts and bring a smile onto faces.

TWICE will be releasing its “Fanfare” EP on July 8. The album entails of four tracks in total, including three versions of the title track namely “Fanfare,” “Fanfare (Lee Hae Sol Remix),” and the instrumental version of “Fanfare”. It will also include the Japanese version of its chart topping track “MORE & MORE”.

Source: JYP Entertainment