TXT Opens Official Fan Community On WeVerse And Welcomes Fans With Cute Greetings

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TXT finally launched their new official fan community!

Just in time for their 100th-day-anniversary celebration as a group following their debut, TXT opened their new official fan community on June 11 through WeVerse!

Photo from BigHit Entertainment

The group is the first-ever artist to make use of the newly-launched global community platform, which contains the option to translate all contents into over ten languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish.

“We look forward to seeing you at TXT WeVerse, a community where the artist and fans can interact in a more intimate way!” BigHit Entertainment told fans through the group’s official Twitter account. The group’s five members also personally greeted their fans with individual posts on the platform upon its launch.

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“I am so glad that we have a space just for us again! Thank you too for the people who are celebrating our 100th-day-anniversary with us,” leader Soobin wrote with a cute selca to match as his first greeting on the community.

“WeVerse has finally opened! Today also marks our 100 days of being together too. I’m really happy,” Yeonjun said together with his selca, same with Beomgyu who wrote, “WeVerse finally opened! Let’s communicate here often!” as his first post.

Photo from TXT’s Official WeVerse Account

“Whoa WeVerse finally opened! Hello everyone! Let’s meet here always from now on as well,” Taehyun shared to fans along with a picture of his pet cat Hobak instead of posting a selca like the three.

Lastly, maknae Huening Kai also expressed his excitement to communicate further with their fans through the new platform. “Wow, WeVerse is now open! I’m so happy that we can meet our fans here often too,” he said, posting a photo of his rabbit plushie Tobin as well.

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