TXT Flaunts Their Ferocious Personas In Latest “Puma” Music Video Teaser

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MOAs, watch out as TXT comes prepared to stir your hearts with the second teaser for the upcoming music video of their track “Puma”!

After unveiling a thrilling first teaser for their track “Puma,” TXT immediately followed up with the upcoming music video’s second teaser on their official SNS.

The official music video, “동물원을 빠져나온 퓨마(literal translation: Puma Fleeing The Zoo),” will be released on June 4 at 12 AM KST.

“Puma” is a heart thumping b-side track from TXT’s latest album The Dream Chapter: Eternity. Featuring heavy trap beats and powerful lyrics, the track uses the zoo and jungle as metaphors.

Through the track, TXT expresses how they wish to run relentlessly towards their dream. They acknowledge that while there is a sense of freedom, there is a sense of danger too. TXT also acknowledges that even a strong creature such as the puma has to watch its back in the jungle.

These references are further perceived in the second teaser for “Puma.” While the first teaser saw the members in an unearthly setting wherein they were captured and were trying to escape, the second teaser opened with the members looking fiercer than ever in a cave.

They were then shown all huddled up together before starring in individual glimpses afterward.


TXT exuded quite the feral vibe with their demeanour, especially as they stood in the cave and a silhouette of a puma appeared behind them.

Beomgyu, Soobin, Taehyun, Yeonjun and Huening Kai all appeared holding intense gazes channelling their raw, untamed side.


The members looked bewitchingly breathtaking in every still of the teaser. Their bold black and animal print outfits with smokey makeup and black nails also set an edgy tone. Through the teaser, TXT really made a strong statement as they gave fans a glimpse of the music video to come.

Source/Images Credit To: Big Hit Entertainment