U-KISS releases ‘Gangstar Boy’

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U-KISS returns with a cute side to their fans.

The new song which U-KISS presented is an attempt of a new genre with bright electronic sound. The electronic song is lively with powerful drum beats accompanied in the background. It is a song that is an easy listening pop song with luxurious melody. There is a mix of dupstep found in the middle of the song.

With this new attempt to the genre, U-KISS uses its own color of voices to make the song more unique. The song is created by electronic producers mOnSteR nO.9 and S2rEvOlutioN who is well known for SESSnow and X-Mas, Fly to the Sky‘s Say My Name, Paran‘s Come Back (돌아와줬으면), SHINee‘s One (하나) and U-KISS’ Friend’s Love (친구의 사랑).

Many fans are looking forward to U-KISS’ activities in the new year 2013, including U-KISS Showcase & Fan Party in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Check out their new song Gangstar Boy here:

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Source: news and photo-Naver Music; video – moofeyy

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