UNB’s Feeldog Transforms Into A Tattoo Artist For Album Jacket Shoot

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UNB’s Feeldog is more than a great dancer!

UNB’s Feeldog showed off his drawing skills during the group’s album jacket shoot by transforming into a tattoo artist.

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Over a three-day period, the upcoming idol group revealed B and A-cut photos of its album jacket. Aside from the members’ dreamy visuals, the photos also attracted attention for the tattoos engraved on the bodies of the members.

Feeldog, who was elected as UNB’s leader, is behind the detailed drawings. He personally drew on the members’ body parts including the arms and neck using a black-inked pen.

The leader of UNB has previously displayed his drawing and painting skills in his individual introduction video where he turned into a painter.


Feeldog represented his group BIGSTAR in KBS’ Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit.

He achieved six boots from the mentors during the evaluation episode thanks to his outstanding dancing skills that he continuously showcased in the whole duration of the show.

UNB Feeldog

In the finale episode, he ranked fourth among 18 male contestants, earning him a spot in the debuting group.

He was named UNB’s leader after a voting among the members gave him six votes out of nine.

Feeldog, along with Jun, Euijin, Hojung, Kijung, Marco, Daewon, Chan, and Hansol, will have his ultimate reboot on April 7 by debuting as UNB.

UNB, Feeldog

The group is expected to release two title tracks including “Sensation” which was previously spoiled during a V Live broadcast and a teaser video.

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