Unbound Entertainment Group And Records Drops Metaverse Music Video For Sam Kim’s “Smile”

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Sam Kim unveils a metaverse-themed music video to accompany his recently released single, “Smile”.

Sam Kim delivers a futuristic metaverse reality in the music video for his new single “Smile”, produced by R3HAB. The Korean-American singer-songwriter released the dance track earlier this month, thrilling fans with the refreshing release.

Its new music video, created by Unbound Entertainment Group and Records, draws on the uncertainty of the world’s future. Moreover, it combines this with the cultural and technological advances we see currently.

Sam Kim

The possibility of a cyberpunkesque dystopia with increased isolation and limited human connection was the basis for this video–one that occurs in the space of the metaverse and stimulates escapism.

The metaverse presented in the video offers a different reality than that of the present. Though it confronts the ‘dark void’ as a possibility for the future, it reinterprets the metaverse as a place of meaning and human connection.

Unbound Entertainment Group and Records depicts a global-encompassing reality where connection and happiness thrive, despite the possibilities of dystopia.

By presenting this world in the video and allowing viewers to travel within it, it reworks the impossible to possible, bringing a ‘smile’ to those embarking on the metaverse journey.

As such, Sam Kim’s “Smile” was a fitting track for this video concept. The upbeat EDM tune evokes the happiness the video emulates and encourages viewers to find their own cheerful journey in the metaverse.

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PR Source: Unbound Entertainment Group

Image and Video Source: Unbound Entertainment And Records | Antenna Music

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