BTS, EXO, Red Velvet, GOT7 & More: V Live Announces Top 10 Artist Channels In 2019

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Guess which K-Pop artists dominated Naver’s V Live in the past year?

Naver’s V Live has revealed the list of winners for the various categories from the 2019 Global Top 10 voting!

Photo from Naver’s V Live

The popular live streaming application took results from the online voting held from December 17 to 31, 2018 in order to name which artists were able to dominate the year that had recently ended.

Emerging as the app’s Top 10 artists (in order) are BTS, EXO, Red Velvet, WJSN (or Cosmic Girls), SEVENTEEN, NU’EST W, GOT7, WINNER, BLACKPINK, and TWICE.

v live top 10 bts exo red velvet

Screengrab from Naver’s V Live

Due to being the group with the most fan votes that brought them to the number one spot, BTS was awarded the overall Best Artist award. As the winner of the Best Artist award, BTS will receive a trophy at the Golden Disc Awards on January 5.

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V Live also shared the winners for the Best Channel category, where the artist channels were divided based on their follower count. The four categories were listed as those with ten million-plus, five million-plus, three million-plus, and one million-plus follower counts.

v live global top 10 blackpink twice ikon

Screengrab from Naver’s V Live

Being the only channel qualified for the ten million-plus follower count, BTS automatically won the category. GOT7 and EXO were the only two groups who competed in the five million-plus category, with GOT7 emerging triumphant in the battle.

TWICE took over the three million-plus category, beating SEVENTEEN, BLACKPINK, and iKON. Meanwhile, Red Velvet powered up to the number one spot in the one million-plus category, pushing out several artist channels like ASTRO, Wanna One, MAMAMOO, Monsta X, and more.

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