#VAVxHKP: VAV Tracks To Add To Your Playlist

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Back on the K-Pop scene with a new album after nearly three years, get to know VAV further through their diverse discography!

Since their debut in 2015, A Team Entertainment’s boy group, VAV, has emerged as a hidden gem in third-generation K-Pop. Consisting of all-rounded members St. Van, Ace, Ayno, Jacob, Lou, and Ziu, the group has performed in over 33 countries overseas, earning them international recognition.

Known for their diverse discography and sound, VAV’s music highlights the members’ one-of-a-kind energy, rap, and vocal talents. In particular, the members continue to prove themselves as self-producing artists by composing and producing their own music since the release of their 4th mini album THRILLA KILLA in 2019.

Recently, the members released their 7th mini album, Subcönscióus. The album title represents the subconscious part of the mind, conveying a message of hope that everyone has the potential to make themselves shine. Subcönscióus has five new tracks, and the title track, “Designer,” is another extension of VAV’s Latin-influenced music style, following their previous releases, “Senorita” and “Give Me More.”

To celebrate their return, we’ve rounded up our top VAV playlist essentials to get you hyped for their return to the K-Pop scene!


Off VAV’s fourth mini-album of the same name (and first self-produced album), “THRILLA KILLA” is a funk-pop track with addictive energy listeners can’t get enough of. Producer Ryan S. Jhun participated in the song’s production, and his retro-inspired sound can be heard throughout the track. “THRILLA KILLA” is not just refreshing but alive, as you can feel each member’s influence.


From the group’s seventh mini album Subcönscióus, “Designer,” signaled not only VAV’s long-awaited return to the K-Pop scene but also a notable return to their roots. The Latin-inspired track is as energetic as it is exciting, as the tempo perfectly matches the lyrics written by members Lou and Ayno.

“Give Me More (Un Poco Mas)”

Featuring American artist “De La Ghetto and producers Play-N-Skillz, “Give Me More” is as tropical-themed as it is Latin-inspired. Featuring a mix of lyrics in Korean, English, and Spanish, the song builds on a groovy beat that culminates beautifully at the chorus.


VAV changed things up with the title track, “POISON,” off their 5th mini album of the same name. Both stylistically and in sound, “POISON” is a  dark bass-oriented dance song. From start to finish, the speed of the track ebbs and flows along with an intense beat that is hard not to get stuck in listeners’ heads long after the song is over.


No stranger to Latin-infused tracks, VAV took the late 2018 trend by storm with the elegant single track “Seniorita.” Unlike others released at the same time, “Senorita” is reminiscent of a relaxing warm day in the sun. Notably, the song is less electronic and more acoustic, effortlessly highlighting the guitar sounds and vocals.


Double title tracks are a rarity in today’s K-Pop, but that didn’t stop VAV from trying it out in 2018 for its 3rd mini album SPOTLIGHT. “Gorgeous” is a lively and upbeat track that proves to match the style and musicality of the group. From the opening police sirens to the Michael Jackson-style verse delivery and more, VAV blew listeners away with this one.

Image and Video Credits: A Team Entertainment