Event coverage: alphaBAT hopes to find the 10th member in Malaysia

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The boys from alphaBAT touched down in Malaysia on the 23rd of April, and had their press conference for their 1st showcase in Malaysia at Neway KTV, One Utama on the 24th of April.

The rising rookie group, under SimTong Entertainment, is composed of nine boys. They are unique because the group members’ stage names are listed no only in alphabetical order, but also according to their age (from 27 – 19): B:eta, C:ode, D:elta, E:psilon, F:ie, G:amma, H:eta, I:ota and J:eta.

Other than meeting fans in Malaysia at showcases at two different states, Selangor and Johor, they are also here to look for the 10th member for their group. Prior to their showcases, they took time to meet the media at their press conference to talk about the upcoming 10th member, their stage names and modelling. They made their appearance in white outfits, and wore a yellow ribbon on their necklace or on their shirt as a sign of respect for the deceased and also to show they were hoping for miracles to happen on the Sewol ship.

The boys made the press conference more interesting with their short performance of Ttantara and a short and cool rap from I:ota. Check out the Q&A below:



Q: How did you guys feel being in Malaysia?
F:ie: It is the first  showcase to oversea, so we are really excited to see the fans waiting for us at the airport and we are expecting more.

Q: Have you guys tried any local food?
B:eta: Satay, heard from the friend. He said it is really delicious.

Q: Why is there no A in alphaBAT?
B:eta: *sweetly says* Alpha~ just for you, only you’  (for the fans)

Q: Malaysia has tasty food, other than that. We have pretty places too. Any place you would like to go?
C:ode: before I came to Malaysia I did some research, I want to go Kota Kinabalu.
B:eta: I want to visit KLCC because one of the tower was built by Japan company and the other one was built by a company from their home country, South Korea.





Q: Do you know any famous artist, actress, singer in Malaysia?
J:eta: We do not know about the artist, but we do know about actress, Michelle Yeoh and shoe designer, Jimmy Choo. G:amma and J:eta have model before, so they know about the shoe designer.

Q: What is the difference between modelling and being an artist in K-Pop group?
G:amma: Jeta was my modeling teacher, my height is considered short in the modeling area, but in the artist area, I am considered tall.

Q: Who is the most handsome member among them?
Iota: *took the mic and step ahead of everyone* That’s me, that’s me. I love you

Q: What is the expectation of the new 10th member? B:eta: Each member has strong characteristics, we hope the 10th Malaysian member will have great skills in singing performance and such, we also hope the 10th member will be able to represent Malaysia.

Q: Will there any culture shock because 9 Korean members and 1 Malaysian? ( if 10th member is Malaysian)
B:eta: We have no worries, because alphaBAT are all open minded, this is the first time for alphaBAT to go overseas, we are confident to get along well with the 10th member.


C:ode, D:elta, E:psilon, F:ie

C:ode, D:elta, E:psilon, F:ie


Q: There are 9 members in alphaBAT, and they have their stage names range in alphabet order and according to their age as well, from 27 – 19. Is it necessary to find a new member which is younger than J:eta(19) and name has to start with K?
B:eta: We don’t mind with the age, and we just want to find a good guy, someone who can get along with.

Q: For the one participant who got through the audition, will he stay with alphabat permanently or short while? B:eta: If alphabat comes to malaysia, then we will perform with him. In korea, if he is able to come with us, he will perform. There are 22 alphabets, we will be looking for other members in different countries.

Q: Do they still call Iota Yoda?
I:ota: That is not true, I’m not yoda, I’m a handsome guy..ok? ok.

Before ending the press conference, B:eta as the leader expressed his gratitude to the fans, saying: “We are alphaBAT, Malaysia is the first country that we visit, we feel honoured to be here, thank you for the interest in the 10th member and our group, we will keep on promoting and show everyone our cool image,we hope many people will come and see us perform. please keep continue supporting and love us. Thank you.”

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Event covered by seckvoon @hellokpop, Colly Yap.
Photos and video: seckvoon @ hellokpop

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