Viva J releases EP mini-album ‘Remember Me’

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Consisting of 6 songs and 5 instrumentals, mini-album, Remember Me by Viva J aims to remain in the hearts of its listeners. From various topics such as youth, love, memories and much more, the artist conveys his thoughts, goals and ideas with his rap.

The tracks in the album are as follows:

Youthful Letter of Love
Insomnia feat. Mi Seon
White Lie feat. Yun Il Hun
Love feat. Mi Seon
I’m Not Trying to Meet Skinship feat. Yun Il Hun
Rainy Day
Youthful Letter of Love (Instrumental)
Insomnia (Instrumental)
White Lie (Instrumental)
Love (Instrumental)
I’m Trying Not to Meet Skinship (Instrumental)

The title track Insomnia is about how losing someone leads to having sleepless nights. Listen to the preview of the track here.

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