VIXX’s Leo And Maximilian Hecker Create A Beautiful Harmony With “the flower”

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Get your feels ready for this beautiful collaboration of Leo and Maximilian Hecker!

VIXX’s Leo gave Starlights a reason to stay up late and look forward to June 4, with the release of a studio clip featuring himself and German musician Maximilian Hecker for their collaboration titled “the flower”.

Fans expressed satisfaction and excitement for the team up, praising the ballad track and calling it beautiful. They also commended the harmony of the two singers, which brings out the emotions of the song perfectly.

“the flower” was written by Leo and Maximilian Hecker. The German musicial also took charge of the composition and arrangement, as well. It will be released on various music sites on June 5 at 6 p.m.

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Jam-Packed Days Leading to Muse

Other than his team up with the German musician, the VIXX member is also gearing up for loaded days ahead of his solo comeback on June 17 with his second mini album Muse.

In the comeback scheduler revealed by Jellyfish Entertainment on the boy group’s social media channels, Starlights will get treated to new contents from June 1 until the mini album’s release date.

Kicking off the countdown to Muse, Leo began June with a teaser, online cover, and studio clip for “the flower” on June 1, 3, and 4. As previously stated, the song will come out on June 5.

Following “the flower”, the singer will welcome June 7 with an image teaser. On June 8, the first official photo will be unveiled. The VIXX member will then reveal the tracklist for Muse on June 9.

Meanwhile, the online cover for the mini album will be released on June 10. It will then be followed by the second official photo on June 11 and the highlight medley on June 12. A music video teaser will end the parade of teasers on June 13.

Additionally, Leo will greet his fans through three days of concerts at the Blue Square iMarket Hall on June 14 to 16. Muse will then be unveiled to the public on June 17.