VIXX Members Are Alluring In Teaser Photos For “Eau De VIXX”

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VIXX highlights mystery in new concept photos for its upcoming third album.

South Korean boy group VIXX welcomed Wednesday with a new set of teaser photos, tickling the curiosity of fans for the upcoming release of its third full album, Eau De VIXX.

Jellyfish Entertainment unveiled the photos featuring all seven members at the stroke of midnight on April 4 via the group’s social networking sites.


(Photos from Jellyfish Entertainment)

Two sets of photos were released — a half-body shot and a close-up shot. The members are dreamy yet mysterious in the photos, creating a fanciful and mature atmosphere matched with the members’ high-class fashion and top-notch expressions.


(Photo from Jellyfish Entertainment)

A group photo was also unveiled with the members starring deeply into the camera lens and maintaining expressions consistent with their individual teasers.


(Photo from Jellyfish Entertainment)

Recognized for its unique concept and high-quality music, VIXX is receiving hot responses from fans who cannot wait to see the return of the boy group on stage almost a year since Shangri-La.

Eau De VIXX will be released on April 17, marking the group’s first full album in about two years and a half following Chained Up in 2015.

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