WATCH: CRAVITY’s Serim Gifts Fans With A Cover of “OHAYO MY NIGHT”

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CRAVITY’s Serim knows how to sweetly sing and rap with a sentiment that can warm our hearts!

On the afternoon of the 23rd, the ‘OHAYO MY NIGHT’ video of D-Hack and PATEKO covered by Serim was released through the official CRAVITY’s SNS channel.

In the published video, Serim captured the hearts of global fans with a warm visual that reminds of a ‘boyfriend meme’. He perfectly digested various styles from a beanie to a ball cap to a beret in a formal jacket.

Charming viewers with his sweet voice and deep eyes against the backdrop of her practice room and snowy outdoors, Serim, who released the song in different moods from the original song, captured the warm sensibility perfect for the cold winter.

In particular, Serim not only participated in editing the cover video for “OHAYO MY NIGHT” but also layered a sweet self-made rap with an adoring message for fans.

CRAVITY, to which Serim belongs, recently completed the fan meeting following the activities of the first full album – The Awakening: Written in the Stars. It further solidifies its position as a 4th generation idol.

CRAVITY, which does not stop releasing content for Luvity is also providing joy to fans every week with its self-produced entertainment ‘CRAVITY PARK’.


Source: Starship Entertainment

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