WATCH: IVE Transforms To Sweet Santas Delivering Warm Christmas Greeting

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Rookie girl group IVE surely brightens the holiday festivities with their Christmas song and greeting!

Garbed in Santa costumes, Eugene, Autumn, Ray, Wonyoung, Liz, and Lee Seo cheerfully sent happy Christmas wishes to their adoring fans.

Creating a joyous Christmas atmosphere, IVE further attests to their lovely and cute charms that have been loved by global fans.

In the released video, the girls invite fans to eat delicious cake and listen to “ELEVEN”.

Debuted in the Korean music industry on December 1 with single “ELEVEN”, IVE has sold over 150,000 copies in the first week. It is the highest among the rookie groups this year.

“ELEVEN” has won five music shows and is ranked at the top of major domestic music sites.

Since their debut, IVE members impressed fans early on with their dazzling visuals and intense stage presence, displayed in their expressive performances and dancing. Their debut song, “ELEVEN” captures the synergy between the members while highlighting their individual vocal colors and strengths.

Throughout their promotions, the group steadily gained trophies, most recently claiming first place during MBC’s Show! Music Core. Additionally, IVE won four other awards including the trophy from The Show, Show Champion, Music Bank, and Show! Music Core.

The members sent their message of gratitude and love for their fandom, DIVE. The members stated, “Actually, we didn’t even think of winning first place in Show! Music Core, but we were really surprised. Thank you so much to our DIVE. We still have year-end stages left, so please look forward to them. 2021 is coming to an end, and I hope you’ll be happy with IVE until the end and in 2022.”

IVE displays their extraordinary success as a ‘record breaker’ early on in their career, both domestically and globally. In addition to their music show success, the group also topped major music sites worldwide.

Furthermore, the group also entered various Billboard Charts, as well as maintaining positions on Spotify, iTunes, QQ Music, Line Music, and Billboard Japan charts.

Proving the dignity of a super rookie, IVE plans to meet with fans through various music shows and year-end stages with ‘ELEVEN’.


PR Source: Starship Entertainment

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