Weeekly To Make Their Comeback During August

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Weeekly joins the roster of artists gearing up for a comeback this August!

Weeekly will make their comeback this August, to the excitement of fans. The group will release a new mini-album and are currently in the process of the final preparations for the new project. This release comes only five months following their third mini-album, We Play, which met immense success upon its delivery in March.


Weeekly have established a distinct identity of displaying summer vibes in their music and concepts. Now, the group will once again deliver a bright song fitting for the season, raising the stakes for the many summer hits this year.

“After School”, Weeekly’s latest title track, found incredible success amongst domestic and foreign fans. The bright, cheerful tune also drew attention from critics, ranking in the “2021 Best K-Pop Song” list published by Time magazine at the beginning of the year. The song also landed on the American Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart at position 21.

The group also impressed with their energetic stages, displaying their charismatic presences as well as their powerful vocals. As a result, many are anticipating that their newest project will solidify their position as one of the leading global rookies in the industry.

Their newest project will show a new side of Weeekly to fans, with a strong focus on the performance aspect of their talents. Previously, the group uniquely utilized various props throughout their stages. According to reports, they will forgo props this time around in favor of highlighting their individual performance skills.

Meanwhile, Weeekly will make their comeback with their latest mini-album this August. The group will add their own contributions to the growing list of hits from “Summer Queens”.

Source: OSEN

Image and Video Source: Play M Entertainment