What’s The Status of BLACKPINK? YG Entertainment Stays “Mum”

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The contract renewal status of BLACKPINK is still up in the air.

YG Entertainment released its third-quarter report on November 14th and did not disclose the contract renewal status of BLACKPINK.

The quarterly report includes the exclusive contract status of affiliated entertainers. Some companies use the quarterly report to roughly disclose the expiration date of exclusive contracts for their affiliated entertainers. However, in cases where the exclusive contract or re-signing status could affect stock prices, some companies choose not to disclose this separately.

In the case of YG Entertainment, only the names of entertainers currently under contract are disclosed. BLACKPINK is also listed as affiliated entertainers in the third-quarter report, but the situation is mentioned as “negotiations in progress” in the footnotes.

In the third-quarter report prepared as of September 30th, YG Entertainment stated, “As of the disclosure date, negotiations are underway for the re-signing of the artist under the exclusive contract. The final results will be announced later through the disclosure of important management matters related to investment decisions.” This means that if the contract renewal status of BLACKPINK is determined, it will be announced through public disclosure.

HYBE, which houses BTS, has also announced its second re-signing through public disclosure.

Since BLACKPINK ended their exclusive contract with YG Entertainment in August, various rumors, such as Jisoo and Jennie establishing individual agencies, Lisa’s multi-billion won contract renewal, and Rose’s solo re-signing, have been rampant. In particular, speculation arose that Rose would be the only one remaining at YG Entertainment as she released a season’s greeting on her own, but YG Entertainment is still withholding comments, stating that they are “in discussions for re-signing.”

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