Which is the current best selling song of 2013?

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Five months into 2013, we take a look at the highest selling songs so far.

With or without surprises, it is still Baechigi‘s Shower of Tears (feat The SeeYa) that sits on the throne of the current leading digital song. It is closely followed by Sistar19, Leessang, Huh Gak, SNSD and a new entry PSY, whose track Gentleman has broke a few records for this year, such as highest first day of sales, highest first week of sales and highest first month of sales.

Watch Baechigi’s Shower of Tears (feat. Ailee) here:

[vsw id=”OZmy01O6UIo” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Further up comes CNBLUE, which is quickly loosing ground with I’m Sorry whilst Davichi‘s Turtle and Be Warmed (feat. Verbal Jint) are both fairing strongly along with K.Will‘s Love Blossom which scored the second highest grossing monthly sales of the year. All the details and exact digital aggregate numbers are gathered below:










 Baechigi Shower of Tears 74,164,156 58,337,356 33,323,054 21,987,053 187,811,619 
 Sistar19  Gone Around Not Any Longer   15,939,728  92,845,777 45,512,386 27,058,396 181,326,287 
Leessang Tears  42,132,517 69,586,677 35,705,959 24,037,798 171,462,951
Huh Gak Mono TV  34,773,565 63,864,820 40,037,347 26,953,621 165,629,353 
SNSD  I Got A Boy 97,703,153 29,926,634 14,853,727 9,190,071 151,673,585
PSY Gentleman       148,900,278 148,900,278
CNBlue I’m Sorry  61,895,750  44,373,111 19,560,984 9,773,575 135,603,420
Davichi     Turtle           72,538,754  59,267,983 131,806,737
K.Will Love Blossom       98,716,534 98,716,534
Davichi Be Warmed       95,551,458 95,551,458


Source: Gaon  Melon (1, 2) neowizinternet

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