Why Song Ji Hyo cried during album jacket photoshoot for ‘Be Happy’

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The reason for Song Ji Hyo to cry during a jacket photoshoot was revealed.

Song Jihyo was acting to portray the image of a sad person after they have separated from their lovers.

Her agency, C-JeS Entertainment’s official says, “With the sad lyrics and melody, Song Jihyo cried from the beginning of the photoshoot. She was able to control and focus her emotions immediately.”

Be Happy (행복해라) is a heart aching love story that is expressed through restrained language and emotions that the producer Choi Gab-won was able to create, with Soul Star‘s Lee Gyu Hoon and singer Young Gee to sing together.

Song Ji Hyo stated, “I still tear up when I walk in the snow and listen to these lyrics because they are so heart aching. I hope this song can receive lots of love from many people this winter.

Check out the full song and teaser of music video here:


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Full audio

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