“Winter Bear” By BTS’ V Celebrates Its 2nd Anniversary

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The date was August 9, 2019, when BTS’ V released a spellbinding ballad that told the story of a “Winter Bear”.

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Winter Bear” is like a lullaby for the soul that has the power to make us drift off into dreamland any night. It’s evident that V’s unique artistry is skillfully interwoven throughout the entire song like a melodious thread.  Now at 2 years old, “Winter Bear” is still one of the most beautiful solo BTS songs we’ve ever heard.

Screen Capture From BANGTANTV

Shutter Prelude

Before we hear any music at all, the song is prefaced by shutter sounds of a camera that remind us of V’s love for photography.

Soulful Lyrics

V serenaded fans in his first fully English track with his soulful voice and riveting lyrics that make us want to hibernate just like the winter bears do.

The lyrics, “Imagine your face say ‘hello’ to me; then all the bad days, they’re nothing to me…with you”, are sweet words that channel the concept of love outweighing all the past worries.

Screen Capture From BANGTANTV

A Whimsical Self-Directed Masterpiece

Aside from writing the lyrics for this sweet melody, V also directed the music video by himself; showcasing that his artistic prowess extends behind the camera as well.

Screen Capture From BANGTANTV

The footage used to bring the “Winter Bear” music video to life took us on a journey through his travels across multiple countries, and has raked in over 77 million views, and counting. The footage highlighted the elegant sights and sounds of vintage Europe that vibed in perfect sync with V’s stylish Parisian-meets-London-boy sense of fashion.

Thanks to his whimsical persona, V created a masterpiece of a solo song that evoked a rollercoaster of emotions. “Winter Bear” made us feel happy, sad, young, old, and timeless at the same time; and that’s what makes it a true work of art.

We wonder when his next solo masterpiece will be released?

Happy winter Bear Day, ARMY!



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