“With Woollim” Brings Participating Artists Together In Latest Teasers

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With Woollim reveals more heartwarming teasers prior to the release of their digital single.

Only a day left before the release of Woollim’s first group song. With Woollim has been hyping fans with all the teasers they had prepared.

With Woollim

Woollim entertainment has announced its new project which will combine the voices of most of its artists. While waiting for the digital single to be released, the company has been constantly revealing more teasers through its official SNS channels.

On May 29, an MV teaser was uploaded on Woollim’s YouTube. Compared to the individual trailers revealed earlier this week, this video included all the participating artists.

The teaser starts with a sad and dark mood, fitting with the lonely melody which plays. The beat then starts to pick up, becoming more energetic and showing a change into the atmosphere.

The artists seem to be preparing for a new and better start, and they are inviting the fans to join them.

On May 30, the agency revealed a recording making and a group photo. In the video, all the artists expressed their excitement for the collaboration and the song.

This is the first group song for the Woollim Family and it makes a lot of people anticipate it, including fans. It is a chance to see both rookies and senior groups come together to create something beautiful for all music lovers.

With the idea of creating a warm and comforting song, Woollim artists have worked hard together in order to not disappoint. Not only that, but it seems they had fun while doing it and we all love seeing a supportive idol family like that.

Both, the digital single and the music video for “Relay” will be released on May 31st, at 6 PM KST.

Source: Woollim Twitter and YouTube

Image credit: Woollim Entertainment