“With Woollim” Reveals Hopeful Trailers For The Project’s Featured Groups

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With Woollim reveals video trailers for each group participating in the healing through music project.

After revealing their With Woollim project, the entertainment company has been releasing video trailers for each of the groups involved.

With Woollim

A few days ago, the project With Woollim was announced. The first group song from the agency will feature all the idols under its management. Exception will be the ones currently serving in the military.

The company plans to release a song which will warm up the hearts of fans all around the world. Music can reach beyond any barrier and it is the perfect healing method in times of need.

Five trailers of hope

Starting from May 26 until the 28th, each of the participating groups unveiled a short trailer video. The content is available for watching on the company’s official YouTube channel.

Each video shows the same soft melody and just a short look at the idols. It hints towards the theme Woollim has in mind, which raises the expectations of a music video filled with hope.

The trailers start off with INFINITE’s Kim Sunggyu and continue on with Woollim Rookie and Golden Child. All the idols are in a dark place, looking lost until some light breaks through as a sign of hope.

The atmosphere changes slightly by the time we get to the Rocket Punch and Lovelyz videos, The girls are shown smiling and even dancing, giving out a more cheerful vibe.

From this, we can see the change occurring after each video. We start off in the darkness and slowly make our way towards the light. At the end, we can expect a warm greeting, filled with smiles.

“Relay” will be released shortly and we are expecting to see an MV teaser, showing all the featured groups.

With Woollim will reveal the song “Relay” and its music video on May 31st at 6 PM KST.

Source: Woollim Ent YouTube

Image credit: Woollim Entertainment