WJSN Brings Out A Perfect “UNNATURAL” Performance MV

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WJSN charmed with mesmerizing visuals and choreography in the group’s latest “UNNATURAL” performance video.

Girl group WJSN overwhelmed the eyes with a stunning performance music video for the idols’ latest song “UNNATURAL”. The clip overflows with the members’ immense talent and striking beauty.


In the released video, the Cosmic Girls presented a fancy look with a colorful choice of outfits. From the combination of black and red to the white and gold pick, the members looked stunning as they emitted a more mature vibe. The artists also showed a classy combination of black and white, bringing out their chic charisma.

In particular, WJSN increased the immersion level of the video with their piercing eyes and charismatic facial expressions under intense lighting. Also, the members showed a perfect and sharp group dance, which created a different appeal from the original music video.

“UNNATURAL” is an up-tempo pop dance song with addictive hooks and rhythmic beats. The track expresses the heart of a girl in love, whose actions become awkward in front of the person she likes.

The artists are known for their mysterious and dreamy concepts which earned them the love of many global fans. This time around, they focused on showing a more mature and deeper charm, which received a lot of enthusiastic responses.

WJSN released its mini-album UNNATURAL on March 31 and has since been busy with promotional activities. The girls delivered outstanding stages for their b-side “Last Dance” and also impressed with a beautiful surprise video for their ballad “Rewind.

Meanwhile, WJSN will continue to be active with its title track “UNNATURAL” and deliver quality stages for fans to enjoy.

PR, Image & Video source: Starship Entertainment