WJSN Brings Out The Track List For “UNNATURAL”

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Girl group WJSN unveiled an exciting track list to look forward to.

WJSN recently made an announcement about its comeback, raising curiosity for their new music. To give a little hint ahead of the mini-album’s release, the idols shared their loaded track list.


The image continued the blooming theme, this time showing a beautiful blue flower as the background. Over it, the song titles captured the attention and unveiled the six tracks that will complete the album

The main piece “UNNATURAL” expresses the fluttering heart of girls who start acting differently in front of the person they like. WJSN will step aside from the pure and mysterious image by hiding their shy inner thoughts and show us a new, more indifferent side.

In addition, the album will include various colorful tracks. “Last Dance” will capture the scene of a breakup and “New Me” is a song about the ambition to show a new side to one’s self.

“YALLA” will showcase Cosmic Girls’ sweet temptation, while through “SUPER MOON” wishes will be made while looking at the full moon. Lastly, the album will finish with the lyrical pop ballad “잊지마(나의 우주)” (Don’t Forget, my universe, literal translation).

UNNATURAL is an album in which the artists will portray the duality of a woman in love. It will also present more mature and deeper charms.

In particular, members Exy and SeolA participated in writing and composing songs, following their previous works for Neverland. Also, hitmakers such as MosPick, MAKECAKE36, KZ and more worked together to add completeness to the album.

The idols will continue sharing various teasers until the day of the comeback. They will follow with concept images, hidden film, music video and album previews.

WJSN’s new mini-album UNNATURAL will be released on March 31 at 6 PM KST.

PR & Image source: Starship Entertainment