WJSN CHOCOME Become Human Vitamins In “HMPH!” Moving Teasers

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The unit WJSN CHOCOME presents a lovely cheerful side in HMPH! moving teasers.

WJSN CHOCOME unveiled four charms in the moving teasers for the unit’s debut. The human vitamins looked adorable and playful in this new concept.


From September 29 to October 2, CHOCOME shared sweet moving “gif” images of the four members. Soobin, Luda, Yeoreum and Dayoung further raised the expectations for their debut single HMPH!.

The members caught the attention with their fresh and lively charms amid a vivid color background. Dayoung had a sulky look on her face as she wore pink boxing gloves, hitting them against each other. Then, Soobin smiled brightly with a pink hairdryer in hand and a colorful hand mirror, drawling a positive reaction for her cute look.

Next, Yeoreum, who shot with a water gun, showed a fresh atmosphere by winking in a confident posture. Lastly, Luda, who boasted her innocent visuals, held a sky-blue baseball bat, which was revealed when the camera zoomed out.

The unit will portray its cute and lovely charm through the title track “HMPH!”. Also on the track list is the remake song “Ya Ya Ya’, which original version belongs to first-generation K-pop girl group Baby V.O.X.

Previously, CHOCOME shared the concept images for its debut, delivering nostalgic retro vibes and as sweet as candy looks. The last two prepared contents are the music video trailer and album preview.

Meanwhile, WJSN CHOCOME is set to drop its first single album HMPH! on October 7.

PR Source and image credit: Starship Entertainment