WJSN CHOCOME Unveils Members In Colorful “HMPH!” Teasers

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WJSN CHOCOME puts an end to the guessing by revealing its members!

WJSN CHOCOME finally shared who its members are through the first concept photos. Soobin, Luda, Yeoreum and Dayoung will be the ones debuting next month as a unit, with their first single album HMPH!

On September 25, Starship Entertainment uploaded two concept images, which drew attention from fans. The first one showed the girls at a striking pastel-toned background and peeking from a door crack.

In the following picture, the members stepped outside the door in their colorful two-piece outfits and large ribbon headbands, portraying a stately pose. Moreover, the idols emitted “Fresh and Fruity Beauty”, showcasing their own diverse style.

The unit plans to share various images, both still and moving, in order to show its vibrant atmosphere. Also, the artists will share a music video teaser and an album preview, prior to the actual release.

The four members, Soobin, Luda, Yeoreum and Dayoung are nicknamed “human vitamins”, as they are filled with endless energy. Through their music as WJSN, the girls focused on presenting fantasy stories with mysterious atmosphere.

Now, the four beauties will reveal their own charm with addictive melodies and energetic performances. They are already garnering the public’s attention and curiosity about their two tracks, which will be revealed next month.

WJSN CHOCOME is set to drop its first single HMPH! on October 7.

PR Source and Image credit: Starship Entertainment