WJSN Ends Promotions For “UNNATURAL” With One “Last Dance”

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WJSN fascinates fans with their enchanting “Last Dance” performance video.

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Girl group WJSN wrapped up their promotions for the mini-album UNNATURAL, which came out on March 31. As a last gift to fans, the idols released a choreography video for their b-side “Last Dance”, showcasing a fascinating dance practice.


In the released video, the artists matched cropped outfits with comfortable tracksuit bottoms. They showed their overflowing feminine and more mature charms through the captivating dance focus video.

“Last Dance” portrays the last moment spent with a loved one and it captures the eyes with the members’ delicate stage. From the start of the song, WJSN emphasized on feminine beauty through the choreography, using fluttering long hair and smoothly flowing dance moves.

During the chorus, the idols displayed a more seductive performance, adding to the already perfect execution of the group dance. Viewers were given the impression of watching a play unfold right before their eyes.

WJSN had a rewarding run with this comeback as the artists drew enthusiastic responses with their latest title track “UNNATURAL”. They successfully imprinted a more mature and deeper image transformation through the UNATURAL activities.

In particular, the music video for the song surpassed 10 million views on YouTube in five days after its release and also topped the weekly pick on SBS MTV’s The Show on the day of the comeback performance.

The group also introduced a variety of content, such as special performance videos, reaction and fan chant videos. The girls expressed their gratitude to their loving and supporting fans, saying they will continue to present a good image in the future.

Meanwhile, WJSN, who successfully completed its ninth mini-album activities, will continue to communicate with fans through various contents.

PR, Image & Video source: Starship Entertainment