WJSN Shares Bubbly Music Teasers For Comeback Album “For The Summer”

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The countdown to comeback of WJSN is winding down, and they are finally giving their fans a preview of their new music!

WJSN is right around the corner with brand new music! After releasing an enthralling parade of concept photos, an exciting tracklist, and a charming secret film, the girls are wrapping things up with previews of their new music.

Summery Title Track Teaser

On June 2, WJSN got funky by the beach through their music video teaser for “Boogie Up”. The music video portrays Seola, Bona, Exy, Soobin, Luda, Dawon, Eunseo, Yeoreum, Dayoung, and Yeonjung having fun by the beachside and in the pool. The teaser also features a brief snippet of a funky pop instrumental, and the phrase “Boogie Boogie Boogie Up”.

WJSN’s upcoming album will be fronted by “Boogie Up”, which features lyrics penned by Exy. The track was also composed and produced by Wonderkid.

Funky Music Teaser

Wrapping up the teasers for WJSN comeback is a lively music teaser. On June 3, the girls released a music preview containing highlights from their upcoming album, For The Summer. Each track promises to be a lively, pop tune — a truly fitting sound for the summer season.

As indicated in their tracklist, WJSN’s For The Summer will be releasing four new tracks. The second track, “눈부셔 (Shining)”, was composed by Ollipop and Australian singer Hayley Aitken, and arranged and produced by Daniel Caesar. The fourth track, “우리끼리 (Between Us/Among Ourselves)”, was composed and produced by Mospick. These two tracks feature lyrics written by Exy.

The fifth track, “Sugar Pop”, was composed and produced by Ollipop and Haylet Aitken. The third track, “My Type”, was written, composed, and produced by Full8loom.