WJSN Gets Funky With “For The Summer” Lively Secret Film and Tracklist

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This June, get ready to “Boogie Up” with WJSN as they release fresh music For The Summer.

WJSN is raring to release new music next month! Seola, Bona, Exy, Soobin, Luda, Dawon, Eunseo, Yeoreum, Dayoung, and Yeonjung will come with fresh new music through their upcoming EP, For The Summer.

Their special album is slated for release on June 4, 6 PM KST. As their countdown winds down, WJSN is turning up the heat with a dreamy secret film, and an exciting tracklist.

(image via Starship Entertainment)

A Dreamy Secret Film

On May 30, WJSN unveiled a secret film that explained their concept behind latest EP, For The Summer. The film explored the scenery behind the colorful concept photos released prior. It also weaved the story behind the EP’s title.


WJSN’s For The Summer will be releasing four new tracks. The special album will be fronted by “Boogie Up”, which features lyrics penned by Exy. The track was also composed and produced by Wonderkid.

(image via Starship Entertainment)

Aside from the title track, Exy also penned the lyrics for three other tracks on For The Summer. The second track, “눈부셔 (Shining)”, was composed by Ollipop and Australian singer Hayley Aitken, and arranged and produced by Daniel Caesar. The fourth track, “우리끼리 (Between Us/Among Ourselves)”, was composed and produced by Mospick.

The fifth track, “Sugar Pop”, was composed and produced by Ollipop and Haylet Aitken. The third track, “My Type”, was written, composed, and produced by Full8loom.