WJSN Counts Down To A Trip To “Neverland” With Newly-Released Teaser Images

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With a few more days left before we witness Neverland, WJSN begins to cap off their countdown with an enthralling series of photo and moving teasers.

The countdown to WJSN’s comeback is winding down! After unveiling a promising tracklist for their mini-album, the group continues to take flight with a series of enthralling teaser images.

From May 19 to June 2, the members of WJSN starred in enthralling concept photos for Neverland. Much like the initial teaser photo, their concept photos were centered on floral elements and is set in a brightly-colored forest.

Aside from teaser images, WJSN also rolled out a series of moving teasers. Their moving teasers highlighted the use of subtle butterfly motifs, with GIFs showing the members holding butterfly-themed objects or posing in the forest while butterflies fly around their heads.

As noted in their previous teasers, WJSN’s Neverland will be lead by the title track “Butterfly.” The track is composed and produced by GALACTIKA*, who have worked with artists like TWICE and Wanna One to produce some of their hit songs. The mini-album itself also features lyrics penned by Exy and Seola.

The mini album is slated for release on June 9, seven months after the release of As You Wish

Source: WJSN’s Twitter Account

Image Source: Starship Entertainment