WJSN Steals Hearts With Live Performance Of “Pantomime” On “Sing Stay 2”

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WJSN’s Seola, Exy, Soobin and Dawon showcased a dreamy rendition of their track “Pantomime” during their live performance on Sing Stay 2!

WJSN members SeolA, EXY, Soobin and Dawon recently appeared as the first girl group guests on the idol music talk show Sing Stay 2.

In the show, WJSN held a breathtaking live performance of their song “Pantomime” from their mini album Neverland.

Dawon commenced the song with her captivating vocals, which added to the overall fresh and emotive ambiance. Exy heightened the mood of the song with her power packed yet delicate rap style.

Seola left fans dazzled with her dreamy and mysterious vocal style, whereas Soobin added depth to the melody with her mellifluous voice in the chorus.


The performance was spellbinding to put it simply. Not only did the members leave viewers speechless with their stunning visuals, they also took listeners’ breaths away with their beautiful voices.

“Pantomime” is a song which talks about the rush of excitement one feels during the first kiss. While the group stirred hearts with the track, they also impressed with their album Neverland.

The album expresses a fairy tale-like theme inspired by Peter Pan and brings forth a world of dreams. The album sheds light on the reality of Neverland from Tinkerbell’s point of view, who is left alone after Peter Pan left. 

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With Neverland, WJSN bedazzled fans with their mesmeric mystique and dreamy charms. Besides, the album’s title track “BUTTERFLY” further set a new record as it reached 69,000 copies. The group also won music shows with the same, namely SBS MTV’s The Show and Mnet’s M Countdown.  

Sing Stay is a music live show where talented idol musicians come to visit a guest house to talk about their music and perform live. It is hosted by Kim Jae Hwan and airs every Monday at 9 PM KST through KT Seezn on the Seezn app.

PR/Image Source: Starship Entertainment