Wonho Reveals A Moving Music Video Teaser For His Pre-Release Track “Losing You”

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Wonho unveiled a beguiling and beautiful music video teaser for his emotional power track “Losing You”!

Wonho has given a sneak peek into his upcoming album Love Synonym as he dropped a magnetic music video teaser for his sentimental song titled “Losing You.”

The music video is heart shaking to say the least and is one that will surely take Wenee’s breaths away. It showcases stills of the sweet soloist looking lovelorn as he sits alone amid dark settings and monochromatic backdrops.

Singing “Cause losing me is better than losing you”, Wonho conveys so much with just a single line. Listeners can’t help but feel the unfeigned emotions of the singer and a tug at their heartstrings as well.

“Losing You” is an expression of melancholic romance which is profound and timeless. It comes straight from the heart and caters to the deepest of emotions which is both, compelling as well as comforting.

wonho losing you

Moreover, the imagery and lyricism so far, besides being poignant, feel personal as well. Wonho steals hearts with his sincerity and it seems as though he directs the track’s heartfelt message for his fans.

Wonho will be releasing the official music video for his pre-release track “Losing You” on Friday, August 14, which will be followed by its lyric version on August 18, according to the scheduler for Love Synonym.

wonho schedule poster

According to the schedule poster, the multi-talented musician will then share his much awaited track list on August 20. Wonho will then mesmerize fans with four amazing concept photos, which he will unveil from August 23 to August 26.

The artist will allure fans once again with a music video teaser for his track “Right For Me” on August 30. He will then showcase an album preview on September 1 before finally releasing his Love Synonym on September 4.

Source: HIGHLINE Entertainment