Wonho Stuns With His Princely Visuals In Second Set Of Concept Photos

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Wonho makes this day of love even more lovelier as he drops the second set of concept photos that are truly the perfect combination of the phrase ‘sweet meets sexy’!

Guess who’s making hearts race with his famous visuals and sleek style? It’s none other than Wonho himself!

The singer unleashed his unparalleled charisma in the second set of concept photos for his upcoming comeback mini album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us.


Rocking his beautiful blond tresses and strutting his flawless bod, Wonho delivers one striking shot after another through the four stills.

The first image is sure to make every Wenee’s heart skip a beat (or two!)! The vocalist captures attentions with his lethal gaze and impassioned demeanor. His intense look and bold mannerisms certainly give Wonho an unmistakable air of power.


Looking captivating through contrasts, Wonho looks devilishly handsome albeit in an angelic white ensemble. He turns up the heat as he displays his dashing build and shines like the superstar he is.

Monochrome never looked so good indeed. Wonho delights in his black and white attires as he dazzles with his close up clicks. Both images are unquestionably the embodiment of the ‘if looks could kill’ phrase through and through.


These prepossessing photos certainly reiterate one thing – these aren’t just the concept images we want, but the ones “WENEED”! Isn’t that right Wenee?

Besides these, the final set featuring the “Losing You” crooner’s awesome style will be revealed on February 15.

The multitalented vocalist will be later releasing a music video teaser on February 21 that will be followed by an album preview on February 23.


Finally, Wonho will be melting hearts with his beguiling vocals and musical genius on February 26 with the release of his first comeback album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us.

Images Credits To: Highline Entertainment

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