X1 Projects Slick And Powerful Image For “Flash” Debut Music Video

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X1 is on a mission to be among the “power rookie groups” of 2019 as they land with a debut already dripping with intensity!

Produce X 101‘s latest project group X1 stormed the K-Pop music scene as they made their debut with “Flash”!

The eleven-member group really went for nothing less than grand as they graced the industry for the first time as official idols with their debut last August 27!

Their arrival was signalled by the song and music video for “Flash” which leads their debut mini-album Quantum Leap.

It contains a catchy, upbeat melody which showcased a darker feel that matched most of the members’ musical colors.

Additionally, the group showed off a slick and alluringly strong image, especially with the music video’s concept, the members’ visuals, and the song’s choreography elements.

What stands out the most about X1’s debut is that a good number of its members were able to show their well-roundedness in terms of talent.

Among these were the group’s center (and the show’s ultimate winner) Kim Yo Han, along with Cho Seung Youn, who both showed that they can fill up any position they are given – may it be vocals, rap, or dance.

Leader Han Seung Woo also stole the scene with his high notes, and Lee Han Gyul kept a lot of viewers’ eyes glued to the screen.

The group’s maknae Nam Do Hyon also wasn’t left out in the parade of intense charisma helmed by members older than him by a couple of years.

His swag while rapping and dancing were enough to let people forget about how young he was. This gives excitement to just how much he can grow as a musician over the years with X1.

Watch the music video for X1’s “Flash” below:

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