Yim Jae Bum releases multiple MVs for ‘To…’ album

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As we previously reported, world renowned artist Yim Jae Bum was set to release his sixth studio album To… on July 11. In an unprecedented display of love not only for his fans but also for the album itself, the artist released six music videos in one day.  Each song and corresponding music video contains different elements of music, from heavy metal to pop ballads–and everything in between. Check out these phenomenal videos below.

Angel (feat. Diablo)



Dream of Vision


This, too, shall pass


가슴소리 (Heart sound)



끝,시작 (End,Start)




Yim Jae Bum also has done something he has rarely done before. With his previously released music videos, the likelihood that the artist would actually star in them was unusual. Yim Jae Bum breaks this lackluster music video history, however, with his To.. album by appearing in all six of these music videos.


Physical copies of Yim Jae Bum’s new album will be available for purchase on July 13.

Video Sources: LoenEnt Youtube

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